Obscured Forces Incarnated

I’m working with a lot of greek bands lately, and that’s simply awesome. As a worshipper of hellenic legends like early ROTTING CHRIST, VARATHRON, ZEMIAL as well as contemporary masters like EMBRACE OF THORNS, BURIAL HORDES and RAVENCULT, I’m proud of beign able to illustrate awesome releases from Greece (some still to be revealed).
I was contacted by N.E.C.R.O. some weeks ago, he wanted me to render the cover artwork for ENSHADOWED/DISOLVO ANIMUS split EP,  my schedule was (and still is) extremely tight, but after hearing the samples he sent me an idea popped in my mind quickly.
No skulls, no demons, no blasphemy and no gore this time, but a cosmic vision of universal wisdom is what I thought of. So I took a sheet  of black  cardboard, a Posca white marker and did this quick sketch:

Both bands liked it, so I copied it to a 50x50cm white canvas (instead of working white over black I decided the opposite for the sake of details)
And this was the result:

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As most people who have any sense at all I HATE hipsters. Those fucktards are one of the most irritating specimens in the degradating human race. I  come across plenty of them when I get to my daily job’s office and I wish i could beat the shit out of them, but you know, I prefer not to be fined or spend the week in jail :).
BOKLUK also hate them, and they knew I would  have a lot of fun with this commission:

Hipster Crusher!

Not a hard worked poster but an effective one.
PS: Neither me not the band have nothing against BÖLZER (rather the opposite), but those  smart enough will get the point :)

Blackphemy Zine – Blood Upon the Altar

About a month ago I got a call from Mr. Blackphemy, the mastermind behind Fornikator Productions, he wanted an illustration for “a secret release” to be done by me. No details were given about that, only that it must be the most blasphemous scene I could imagine in my mind with the title “Sangre sobre el altar” (Blood upon the altar, an obvious reference to the Ross Bay  cult).
With this brief definition I came out to the idea of a priest offering a mutilated  cherub to the Goat, having an erection while performing the abominable ritual .
This fitted perfectly and the day after delivering the finished job I was told about what  the commission was all about and that Blackphemy zine was being printed!


Inspiration for the abomination. Tape worship forever

This first issue features the dark entities of: Domains, Blaspherian, Bloody Productions, Sadomator, Nekromanteion, Sadistik Goathammer, Blood Urn, Slaughtbbath, Infernal Curse and Black Witchery, live ritual chronicles , the Initiation in the Eternal Cult (with Yasuyuki, CJS, Willie Desamero, Necrogoat, Philipp Kretschmer , Decaylust, Anastasis, Nocturnal, Jose Bouzas, Wes, Shaxul, Marcin Olczak, Gordoroth Vomit Noise, Stefan Ramm and Ram Priest), darkness prevails (with Witchcraft, Sacrifice, Possession, Interfectum, 13th Moon, Cadaveric Fumes, Ogdru Jahad, Angelholocaust, Occult and Vomit of Doom). In addition intolerant reviews and death sentences!

128 pages of black impure blasphemy in Spanishpresented in format 7 “color   hardcover.

Get your copy invoking: blackphemyzine@gmail.com


Ululate – Back to Cannibal World

Chinese black metal band ULULATE has evolved its style into a killer old school death metal, and  have signed to Xtreem Music for their new record “Back to Cannibal World”.
Dave Rotten got in touch with me a couple of months ago asking me for the artwork. The concept was clear: “chinese vampires and chinese hell”.
When I was young I was a lot into eastern horror movies like “Mr. Vampire”, “A chinese ghost story”,”The boxer’s omen”,”Robovampire” featured gruesome  chinese monsters, zombies, vampires and  incredibly grim scenes. I always liked the character of the Jiang shi, a  reanimated corpse  whose “evil half ” has not leave this world along its “good half”. Jiang shi behaves like a vampiric zombie, and can be controlled by nigromancy.
So the front cover shows a bunch of jiang shi rising from the tomb, and also some flying heads  and evil spirits.
The backcover shows the gates of the underworld  opening, with a jiang shi welcoming some mythical creatures from chinese hell, like the guardians Ox-head and Horse-face.
I tried to use a wash ink technique similar to  Shui-mo  (ancient chinese brush ink paintings) as well as my usual lineart.


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Under The Church

Sometimes being a freelance illustrator can be hard , you have to fight with inhuman deadlines, indecisive people, rip-offs and people whom working with is a true pain in the ass. Under the Church are all the opposite to these.
Getting to work with one of my favourite bands’ former members was awesome, but it was much more awesome to deal with such nice people.
At first Erik asked me to remake the logo for the band, it had to reek to old school swedeath, so I took the classic “Nihilist type” and gave it a twist, added a bell tower and some putridity.


Under the Church Logo

Some weeks after the logo was finished, Erik and Mik got in touch with me again, this time  asking me to do the whole artwork for their upcoming debut EP. They sent me the lyrics and I started sketching some drafts at small scale trying to mix  them with the demo cover  concept.




The result:


The EP was finally released by Pulverised Records in CD format. But Tapeworship Records  had plans to release in a special cassette edition.  New cover, bottle opener, patch and cardboard case. So I got my hands dirty again, and I thought about the old demo tapes that featured Nicke Andersson’s monsters on their covers.  I did small doodle for the CD booklet, so I redrew it  a bit more hideous  and detailed:

The quick doodle from the CD  booklet

The creature doodle from the booklet


The tape cover

The tape cover

The tape  label artwork

The tape label artwork

If you don’t know Under The Church just  listen to this sample and fall head over heels for these masters of death: